W Money

What can W Money do?

1. Join the season

After you purchased the PASS, you can use it whenever you want. However, you need to buy and use W Money to join the current season.

You can only activate one season at a time, however, you can have multiple W Money in your collection.

2. Top up season chips

Players can buy W Money from W3POKER launchpad and in-app shop, and they can only be used to top up season chips if the amount that players hold drops below the minimum buy-in level.

The amount of chips one can get from a W Money top up equals to the amount of PASS daily free chips.

For example, player A has a galaxy PASS, while player B has a silver PASS. Player A will get 40000 new chips after using W Money to top up, while player B will get 26000.

After the top-up, the Initial Chips will be reset to

Remaining chips+chips get from top-up

For example, player A with a galaxy PASS has only 1500 chips after a few games, which is below the minimum buy-in amount, its chips will be 41500 after top-up (1500 remaining chips + 40000 new chips from top-up). After doing this, player A's ranking score will be also reset, and has to be re-counted from an initial chips of 41500.

One can only top up season chips after claiming the daily free chips.

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