How to Earn in Season Mode

Basic rules

Poker play in W3POKER will follow the rules of standard No Limit Texas Hold'em, while there are some detailed rules about W3POKER

For each game, there is a minimum buy-in amount, players cannot join a new game if the amount of their chips are not enough for a minimum buy in, however, they can still have a chance to play by using W Money to top up.

After a player selects "Season Mode", he/she will be matched to a table to choose buy-in amount and play.

MUST-DOs before you can earn

  • Buy and use a VIP PASS NFT (once and for all)

  • Use W Money to join each season

  • Play poker in season mode daily to get as many season points as you can —— in one word, play wisely

  • Get your rewards as season winners (top players) based on the seasonal leaderboard

Some tips

  • All tables have a minimum buy-in of 10BB and a max buy-in of 100BB(or you can match the biggest stack on the table), and a 50/100 SB/BB.

  • Players can rebuy chips if they want, and the chip balance on the table can only be refilled to 100BB or the biggest stack.

  • Players can leave the table at any time they want, and the chips remaining on the table will be add to the account balance. Also, when a player loses all his/her chips, he/she can only choose to spectate or leave.

  • Each day, players can log in and join the season to play and the reward will be based on initial chips and final chips. Please note that using W Money to rejoin the season resets your current ranking score.


In W3POKER, players do not play with real money or crypto currencies, instead, they play poker with free daily season chips and earn trophy after season ends. After the season ends, we distribute trophy reward to all winning players.

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