PASS NFTs are entry tickets that give users access to the W3POKER gameplay. There are 4 separate grades of VIP PASS NFT, with 52 different designs for each grade. Each PASS NFT card has a unique appearance and distinct qualities and properties, which directly affect in-game play-to-earn efficiency.

Initially, PASS NFTs are all minted from Web3Games Portal-NFT Launchpad, and there are different probabilities in getting each grade, the better the grade, the less chance of getting it.

The four grades and the chance of getting them from any mint event show below:

(Last updated: Nov 18, 2022)

Each PASS has different properties, such as different free daily season chips, details show below:

(Last updated: Nov 18, 2022)

A player can own mutiple PASS NFTs at the same time, but can have "use" one PASS NFT in the same time.

Each PASS NFT can claim free daily chips only once per day

VIP PASS NFT levels:

Each VIP PASS has 50 levels, to level-up the PASS, players need different amount of Party Chips and EXP gained from hands played.

After level-up, players can get more season chips and party chips with VIP PASS NFT.

If you own and use a VIP PASS NFT, you:

  • Can join season with W Money to get season score and compete for rewards

  • Can finish daily tasks and get more season chips on the next day

  • Can create custom rooms and invite friends to play

  • Can claim rewards from both "Hands Won" and "Hands Played"

  • Can claim both season chips and party chips daily

  • Can level up and get more season chips and party chips

  • Can buy and use W Money to top up if you run out of season chips


Worried about whether to join the season or not? Party PASS NFT is your best choice! You can just login W3POKER and claim a Party PASS NFT for free, then experience the fun and exciting party mode with all the other players.

However, players need to notice that any party PASS NFTs:

  • Can not collect rewards in "Hands Played"

  • Can not join the season

  • Can not grant you any season points

  • Can not create a custom room

  • Have no level or EXP

  • Have no daily missions

  • Can only claim once for each Player ID

  • Can claim rewards in "Hands Won"

Players with a VIP PASS NFT can also join party mode for free, so, enjoy the party vibe with no worries of losing any rank score!

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