Roadmap and Milestone


Our ultimate goal for the game is to re-design all existing play-to-earn models and achieve a sustainable long-term game economics.

To do this, W3POKER will operate in three distinct phases. The first version is Phase Zero.

Phase 0: Party Mode

Phase Zero of W3POKER is NFT only, with no tradable tokens involved. We enabled Party Mode for all players in this Phase to start playing for free. The main purpose is to attract and build a large player community. With the free-to-own Party PASS NFT, players are able to enjoy playing in both Party Mode and Custom Mode.

Phase 1: Season Mode

In Phase One, we will kick off the Season Mode and start the Win-to-Earn Model by holding competitions with other communities together. In some ways, Phase One may look like it’s following the typical P2E model. However, because of the community we hope to build in Phase Zero, Phase One will have revenue sharing and minor token rewards. This keeps inflation controlled, and is therefore in the long-term more beneficial for growing a sustainable game economy.

Phase 2: Token Incentives

When it comes to Phase Two, we will launch game tokens as an incentive to expand the game market cap, provide in-game utility, and reward initial users and early supporters (i.e. our Genesis Players/VIP PASS Holders). W3POKER will allow users to start different W3POKER seasons on other independent servers by consuming tokens. By Phase Two, W3POKER will have a mature and self-circulatory game economy, and a stable and well-developed game community.


  • September 2022: Private Beta test.

  • Nov 18, 2022: App goes live.

  • Nov 23, 2022: Public beta testing.

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