Bring Web3 Experience to All

Web3 Experience, Web2 Approach, 0 Barrier

W3POKER is a blockchain based product that enables users with even 0 web3 experience to own their very first digital asset built on blockchain technology—NFT.

Play-before-mint NFTs

Apart from many previously developed products, W3POKER is one where you can play NFTs even before you mint them, which means you don't need to buy digital asset using PC or other devices before you can play in W3POKER.

Free to Own, Free to Play

In W3POKER, everyone gets a free Party-PASS NFT just upon a finger click—no crypto wallet needed, no web3 experience needed. And users are able to withdraw them to their own wallet and trade them after a while.

Purchase NFTs with In-app Purchase

In W3POKER, you can have ownership on your NFTs by both crypto-purchase and in-app purchase, allowing people to buy an NFT with not only crypto currencies, but also traditional payments. For example, we support users to pay with credit card, apple pay and google pay, which gives more access to NFT assets.

Multi-chain Support

First blockchain game to support NFT assets on multi chain networks where all users from different communities can enjoy the game together.

W3POKER supports BSC and Polygon when launched, and will support more chains in the future(Since Jun 28, 2023, W3POKER supports Polygon Chain only).

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