Incentive Mechanism

The three phase strategy

We plan to launch W3POKER through 3 phases to obtain a healthy and sustainable game economics.

In phase zero, W3POKER is an NFT-only game with three kinds of NFTs: The free-to-own PARTY PASS NFT, VIP PASS NFT and Mascot NFT collectibles. In this phase, there will be no tokens, and we want to form a strong game-based community with the revenue sharing system attracting real players rather than speculators.

In phase one, we'll launch W3POKER token as a minor incentive for early supporters and provide it with in-game utility, which will expand the game market cap in a healthy way without uncontrolled inflation.

In phase two, W3POKER will be given more utilities and allow users to start new W3POKER seasons on independent servers by consuming tokens. In this phase we're aiming to achieve a mature and self-circulatory game economics and a well-developed gamer-oriented community as well.

W3POKER Token Incentive

For paid users, they can always win W3POKER tokens as long as they play.

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