Party PASS NFT is a free-to-own NFT that allows you to claim free party chips everyday and join both party mode and custom room.

Notice: Each player ID can claim one Party PASS NFT only.


VIP PASS NFT is the entry ticket that give users access to all W3POKER gameplay. And it's the only PASS NFT that allows players to join the season with W Money.

Party Chip

Party chips are used for party mode and custom room. Party chips can be claimed for free each day.

Season Chip

Season chips are used for season mode and can be claim daily if the player is using a VIP PASS NFT.

Party Mode

Party mode is a free-to-play mode for each player with a Party PASS NFT or VIP PASS NFT, you can join party mode as long as you have a PASS NFT and enough party chips. Each Player ID can claim only one Party PASS NFT for free.

Season Mode

Season mode is the place where players compete against each other for trophy rewards. To join season mode, players need a VIP PASS NFT and some W Money for each season.

Custom Room

Custom room is the dream place for players to have fun with party chips. You can set a private code and invite your friends to play.

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