Season Mode

What's season mode?

Season mode is the place where players compete against each other for season points and rewards. To join season mode, players need a VIP PASS NFT and some W Money for each season.

How does it work?

Players play to get higher ranks for better grades which grants them trophies each day, rewards will be distributed to players based on the value of net season chips they won.

Ranking system

Players who have a VIP PASS NFT in use will be able to claim free daily season chips when they join the season, and players' chips will be cleared in the settlement at 00:00 UTC. After that, trophies will be sent to your account according to your ranking.

The daily ranking system will be based on a players score, and the score is calculated as follows:


If a player has used some W Money to top up, the minuend will be the sum of chips get from the last top-up and its remaining chips;

If a player has not used W Money to top up, the minuend will be the amount of its free daily chip.

And players' reward will base on their ranking at the end of the day.

Prize Pool Allocation

Prize pool will be shared based on season ranking:

  • 90% of entry W MONEY will be added to the Prize Pool as trophy reward and shared between winning players

  • The rest will be put towards game development and maintenance

  • Prize pool will be split into two parts: Prize Pool A and Prize Pool B

Prize Pool A: A total of 5% of prize pool goes to the top 10 players.

Prize Pool B: The rest 95% of the prize pool goes to all the winning players (all players that has won some chips, top 10 players also get this reward).

Here's how the prize pool is allocated:

Top 10 reward:

(Last updated: Feb 23, 2023)

The winning player reward:

Trophy gain = Prize Pool B*Net Season Chips Won/Total Season Chips Won by All Players

For example, Prize Pool B has 50,000 trophies in total, a player has won 10,000 season chips when the season ends, and the total season chips won by all players are 100,000, so this player will get 50000*10000/100000=5000 trophies.

(Last updated: Feb 23, 2023)

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