Start to Play

Play with VIP PASS NFT

In W3POKER, every player needs a PASS NFT to start playing, and there are many ways to get your hands on one:
  • Purchase a VIP PASS NFT Pack on the Web3Games Portal.
  • Purchase a VIP PASS NFT Pack using in-app purchase.
  • Directly purchase one on the W3POKER Marketplace.
  • Early Supporter Airdrop.
How to get PASS NFTs
(When a player has a PASS NFT on Web3Games Portal, they might need to transfer the PASS NFT to game first.)
W3POKER is available on both iOS and Android. Download the app, log in with Player ID, and start the journey in the poker world!

Play with Party PASS

If you don't want to buy a VIP PASS NFT and compete in the season mode, you can just sign in and claim a Party PASS NFT to play, which can also be transferred.
After claiming it, remember to use it in "MY PASS NFTS" and claim daily free party chips before you play.