Transfer NFT to Game and withdraw NFT

The Game Vault Contract

The Vault Contract is a contract specially designed and developed for W3POKER, which protects players' digital assets and make them operable in game.

Deposit from Personal Wallet to Game Vault

  • If a PASS NFT or Mascot NFT is purchased from a third party platform, you should transfer them to the game vault first via Web3Games Portal, and then make it become operable in game. (Go to Web3Games Portal -> Games -> W3POKER -> MY NFTS)

  • If a PASS NFT pack is purchased in the game shop in Web3Games Portal, the VIP PASS contained will be automatically transferred to game and become operable in game.

Withdraw from Game Vault to Personal Wallet Address

If a player wants to sell a PASS or Mascot in the Game, which is shown inside W3POKER app, he/she needs to select the PASS/Mascot and click "Withdraw", it will be then transferable and shown in Web3Games Portal after a short while.

  • Players need to connect their Player ID to a supported wallet address in Portal first to withdraw any NFTs in game.

  • Players can select blockchain networks to withdraw.

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